• Quartz fibers Cr20Ni80 insulated nichrome wire 0.25mm 0.35mm 0.45mm

    Recently, Chengyuan Alloy was successfully produced and delivered a group of NiCr 8020 alloy quartz fiber insulation wires to Eastern European countries. This is another repurchase of old customers after the repurchase of June and July this year. It is 0.25mm 0.35mm 0.45mm 0.6mm, weighing 800 ...
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  • X20H80 Ni80Cr20 oxide wire 6mm delivered on time

                        Nichrome is an alloy of 80% nickel and 20% chromium with a melting point of nearly 1400°C. The color is gray and corrosion resistant. Because of its high stability, it is not easy to be oxidized at high temperature, and is widely used in manufacturing. Nichrome ...
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  • The use of pure nickel wire mesh

                The Pure Nickel Wire Mesh is used in the making of electrical contacts, mechanical fasteners, and electronic components. Sometimes to produce items for the medical industries, aerospace and creating batteries too. The Pure Nickel Wire Mesh is available in the wide range of diamet...
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  • CHY alloy wire nicr8020 nichrome heating coil 6mm delivered on time

                  Nichrome is a non-magnetic alloy of nickel and chromium,which is widely used in heating elements. It is wound in wire coils to a certain electrical resistance, and current passed through to produce heat.The most common nichrome grade -  CrNi 20/80 and CrNi 15/60.The chemic...
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  • Chengyuan Alloy successfully delivered 2 tons of pure nickel wire 1.2mm .15mm

                     Cheng Yuan Alloy Material Co., Ltd has recently delivered a batch of pure nickel wire products, weighing 2 tons, presented in the form of coils, with a bright surface, a total of two specifications, the diameters are 1.2mm and 1.5mm, and the delivery time is two weeks. ...
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  • Ni80Cr20 nichrome heater wire 3mm delivery on time

        Recently, Chengyuan Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. successfully delivered a batch of Ni80Cr20 frame wires, with a diameter of 3mm,a bright surface, and a weight of 3 tons, to Russia. The customer is a high-quality customer we have been cooperating with. He is a manufacturer of household...
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  • NI80Cr20 nichrome foil 0.05*59mm complete delivery

          Recently, Chengyuan Alloy Material Co., Ltd.delivered a batch of Cr20Ni80 foil with a thickness of 0.05mm, a width of 59mm and a weight of 100kg. The customer is a trader in France. He is a new customer introduced by our old customer recently. He learned from copper-nickel products tha...
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  • Chengyuan Alloy Cr20Ni80 flat wire product delivered smoothly

                Chengyuan Alloy Material Co., Ltd. recently successfully delivered a batch of Cr20Ni80 flat wire products. The products have two specifications, 0.1*2.1mm and 0.2*3.2mm, and the total quantity is 500 kg. The customers who purchased cr20ni80 flat wire products are our old customer...
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  • Nickel-plated steel strip 0.15*8mm 0.2*8mm product delivery completed

      Recently, our company has delivered a batch of nickel-plated steel strip products, which are of good quality and have been successfully sent to the customer, which has been highly satisfied by the customer. The grade of this batch of nickel-plated steel strips is spcc, the size is 0.15...
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  • Prices of pure nickel products continue to rise and remain range-bound in the short term

    Pure nickel imports remained profitable this week, but the Shanghai Futures Exchange/LME ratio narrowed to 7.55 last night from 7.62 on Friday night as LME nickel rose. The price of nickel sulfate raw materials fell, and the price of battery-grade nickel sulfate fell with the cost. In terms of ni...
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  • Under the trend of energy transition, global nickel demand increases

    The energy transition currently underway around the world is likely to be one of the largest projects in human history, and it may rely heavily on industrial metals.Almost every renewable energy system – including electric vehicles, wind turbines, solar panels, grid-scale batteries and ca...
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  • CHY Alloy successfully delivered pure nickel strip products

       Recently, Chengyuan Alloy successfully delivered a batch of 0.15*8mm Ni200 pure nickel strip products to Poland with a weight of 500kg. This is the third time a customer has ordered our pure nickel strip products to make classic 18650 nickel batteries. The processed products have been used i...
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