• CHY Alloy successfully delivered pure nickel strip products

       Recently, Chengyuan Alloy successfully delivered a batch of 0.15*8mm Ni200 pure nickel strip products to Poland with a weight of 500kg. This is the third time a customer has ordered our pure nickel strip products to make classic 18650 nickel batteries. The processed products have been used i...
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  • Types and Applications of High Resistance Alloys

    High resistance alloys mainly include nickel chromium alloys and FeCrAl alloys, which are a class of alloy conductive materials used to manufacture resistance elements. It is not mainly used to conduct current, but to limit or control the current in circuits with its high resistance, such as res...
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  • The application of nichrome wire and FeCrAl wire in electric furnace

          Nichrome wire and FeCrAl wire are both called heating wires, because they are all heating resistance alloys, used as heating elements or heating elements, also known as resistance wires, often used as resistance elements, widely used in electric furnace wires It is the two main raw material...
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  • Update nickel strip production technology to improve nickel strip production efficiency

    Metal nickel sheets (nickel strip) are widely used as raw materials in the electronic product manufacturing industry. For example, in the production of electronic products such as mobile phone batteries, electronic circuit boards, light bulbs, etc., a large number of nickel strips are required. P...
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  • The difference between the application of pure nickel products Ni200 and Ni201

                                        Nickel is a silver-white metal with good ductility, magnetism and corrosion resistance, and is known as the "vitamin of the steel industry". Nickel is a versatile and relatively precious metal. The density of pure nickel is 8.99/cm3, t...
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  • New energy vehicle sales rise,nickel prices soar

    At present, nickel on the market is still mainly used in stainless steel products, but with the increase in sales of new energy vehicles, batteries, especially power batteries, will become the main contributor to the growth of global nickel consumption in the future. Driven by the demand for new ...
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  • New energy vehicle industry rises, nickel supply is tight

    Driven by the demand of the new energy lithium battery industry, the demand for positive electrode materials for power lithium batteries continues to rise, and the demand for its core raw materials, nickel, cobalt and lithium, continues to rise. Comparing the three metals, nickel, lithium and co...
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  • Will stainless steel rust?

    First of all, it is certain that there is no metal that will not corrode among common materials, so there is no stainless steel that will not rust. The so-called stainless steel is just that its corrosion resistance is superior and it is not easy to be corroded. Under normal circumstances, stainl...
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  • Chengyuan Alloy AISI 321 strip has been successfully delivered recently

    AISI 321 (1.4541, UNS S32100) is an austenitic stainless steel, which is the most commonly used steel in our production and life. Its properties are similar to AISI304 stainless steel, but with at least five times the titanium content, excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion, and good cr...
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  • How many people are currently experiencing the impact of nickel prices all the way

    How many people are currently experiencing the impact of nickel prices all the way, many people are puzzled by the continuous rise of nickel prices, and how many people are looking forward to when nickel prices will fall step by step after breaking through the sky. In the current extremely compli...
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  • The recent surge in nickel prices affects the hearts of many people

    The recent surge in nickel prices affects the hearts of many people. At the same time, changes in nickel prices have also affected the market trends of precision alloys and stainless steel, which have become the focus of the alloy industry. What is the reason? Everyone knows that stainless steel ...
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  • Iron-chromium aluminum alloy FeCrAl is a kind of electric heating alloy often used in industry

    Iron-chromium aluminum alloy FeCrAl is a kind of electric heating alloy often used in industry. Due to the large amount of Cr and Al in the composition, a dense oxide film will be formed on the surface of the alloy at high temperature, which prolongs the service life of the alloy material. The hi...
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